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Shropshire based wedding Videographer and Cinematographer specialising in the filming of Weddings and promotional films.


- Biography -

Floodgate Films is a creative production company that produces beautiful and innovative films. With a discrete and unobtrusive approach, we ensure to create film that’s authentic, natural and cinematic. Filmmakers first, with the aim of creating realism, we seek to capture a moment as if it’s the first time you're experiencing it.

Based in the West Midlands, Floodgate Films was founded in 2016 as a venture to produce film for a wide criterion of work, whether its weddings, commercial projects, interior and architectural films, fashion, documentary, music videos or independent films, our signature style is infused in all aspects of our work.

- Ethos -

As creative professionals, we have a strong understanding of what constitutes great storytelling and composition. We often utilise natural light to create a uniquely subtle aesthetic and a high level of immersion with our work. We believe that through editorial technique and sound design we can demonstrate the difference between watching something and experiencing something.

We approach each commission with the knowledge of knowing what the client wants, how to obtain it, what’s trending, and how we can bring a fresh and innovative approach to the industry.

- Clientele -

We’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with and alongside a variety of clients Including Academy Award Winner Kate Winslet, leading London Interior designer Katharine Pooley, Swiss Men’s fashion retailer Bombinate and Pooley Sword: leading Cutlers of military swords, dirks and lances to the British Armed Forces, MOD, Commonwealth & Overseas Defence Forces.

From glens in the Scottish Highlands, to the shores in the Middle East, to the city streets of Tokyo Japan, we’ve captured, directed and edited work from across the world.

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Oliver Norton - Founder - Director


James Risdon - Producer